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When a boyfriend is so scared of his girlfriend he let's her do anything. Such as, comment on all his facebook picture's and send mean message's to all of his girl-friends on facebook. Also, if you are "whipped" you never seem to get enough ass, so try to please your girlfriend as much as you can. Even if it means hooking up with your bestfriends (that are girls) then quickly dumping them and never talking to them

See Pussywhipped
Britney & Pochontas: Hey What's up?
Jon S: Nothing, my girlfriend wanted me to call you and tell you i can't talk to you guys anymore cause i can't hurt her
Britney: Um ok?
Pochantas: Since when did she have all this control?
Britney: And when did he care about hurting his girlfriend, he hooked up with both of us!
Pochantas: I know this is so wierd
Britney: Damn his ass is whipped

*Name's changed*
by I'll be seeing you January 13, 2009
5 5
boyfriends who don't go to big ass parties just because their girlfriend decides they dont want to go anymore
Ben: dude, you comin' to my party tonight?
Patrick: nah, Brooke is grounded so i'm going to stay home and talk to her
Ben: bro, you're fuckin' whipped
by Peyton ANSOIANSP March 07, 2008
6 6
meaning the boyfriend/girlfriend would do anything for the other...anything.
"damn! that boy has you whipped."
"haha i know, doesn't he?"
by annpaige March 22, 2007
7 7
Being controlled by your dog faced, back stabbing, controlling, ignorant girlfriend to a point where you lose sight of your true friends and cater to your girlfriends every need. Your free time is spent with her and her only, your true friends hate you and hate her even more. It gets to a point where it is out of control and beyond repairing. When you break up you will not have a single friend... just like your brother. Congrats buddy on being the biggest bitch I've ever known.
Wow, Chris is so whipped that he hasn't called his best friends in almost a year.
Dam Chris is so whipped his friends actually hate him, and no one actually likes his girlfriend, but its ok because we are going to college and never have to see either of them again.
by Anonamousoumanona July 25, 2006
16 16
to be, usually used for the men, head over heels for your significant other in the relationship. to feel truly in love, true love. When you wouldnt want to be with anyone but that person.
by nicky10 December 20, 2011
1 2
Doing every thing that your girlfriend says and ditching your friends for her if she says, being a little bitch, basically, he licks pussy &Crys infront of her.
He is so whipped, he's like a slave.
by peapodpoo May 12, 2011
0 1
When a guy is his girl's bitch. he never gets anything in return and his friends all start to thing he's a fag, but he doesnt get that how big of a fuckhead he looks like until he's unceremoniously dumped because he's a whipped homo with no balls of his own
Julia whipped Collin worse than a black man in the 1800's... it was humiliating.
by JTB MO'FUKAZZZ! May 20, 2008
8 9