For one to be controlled by one's girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse.
Girlfriend (on her boyfriend's myspace):
so you get on while you're at home.
all day.
and dont leave me shit.
i hate you.

Random MySpace Lurker: Wow, this boy is whipped.
by Krista Euphoria March 03, 2007
Doing ridiculous things for your girlfriend....such as riding your bike to her house....15 miles away.
Freund rode his bike from Bingham to Fran's house.
by C-Fort May 09, 2005
Being completely controlled by your girlfriend or partner, to a point of having no life apart from them
My mate Jay is so whipped but nowhere near as bad as Hugo
by Harleytattt May 18, 2014
To be in the complete control of your girlfriend. Such as a horse under a whip.
Jimmy: Have you seen Agustini lately, he's whipped so bad!

Jerome: Yeah!! He has the whip up his but and through his mouth it's so bad.

Jimmy: Tell me bout it!
by Seashell6789 April 09, 2013
to be, usually used for the men, head over heels for your significant other in the relationship. to feel truly in love, true love. When you wouldnt want to be with anyone but that person.
by nicky10 December 20, 2011
When a man is controlled by his girlfriend.. entirely. To the point of embarrassment when his friends tell him that his girlfriend has got him whipped. In other words, being a little bitch..
"Dude, have you seen that William Baker kid? He is SO totally whipped!"
by SecretIdentityLOL November 11, 2011
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