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A woman or man being completely 'in love' with their partner. They could be considered as being 'love struck' and would do anything for their companion
-Omg Josy you are whipped over Andy.
by Cray123byatch August 03, 2013
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To be in the complete control of your girlfriend. Such as a horse under a whip.
Jimmy: Have you seen Agustini lately, he's whipped so bad!

Jerome: Yeah!! He has the whip up his but and through his mouth it's so bad.

Jimmy: Tell me bout it!
by Seashell6789 April 09, 2013
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Usually guys that does everything gf says. Like a dog to gf. Loser queer who dont get no pussy
Zac ross is one whipped mf. Wearing bracelet with gfs name asking permission to wear shirts from gf gets bitched at everyday and takes it. Highest level of whipped
by notawhippedmf February 13, 2013
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When you go out to parties, bars, and clubs. Take pictures and when they are finally up on facebook you make sure to tell your friends that you cant be tagged in them because your girl will see that you went out, after you lied to her saying you were going to bed early.
"Cris you are so whipped"
by posiedan January 20, 2013
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When two people end up being stuck/whipped together and nothing cannot be broken apart. It is as if they cannot talk or not keep apart for a very short period of time.
Me: Fuck Alec and Eunice are whipped as fuck
Hamish: *woopish*
by Damu Goundar August 16, 2012
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A man who's every action is controlled by their significant other. A male person who will not, under any circumstance, put bro's before ho's. Being a will, that is, on their girlfriends command bailing on anything their male comrades have planned.
"He can't go out today as his girlfriend won't let him,he's so whipped"
by registered July 14, 2012
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When a guy is completely and utterly controlled by a girl (girlfriend, wife, or just a friend). She has him in the palm of his hand, and she gets him to do anything he wants.
Abhi is totally whipped by Michelle, he even got her roses for no reason!
by AbhiIsWhipped May 20, 2012
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