Doing every thing that your girlfriend says and ditching your real friends for her, being a little bitch, answering to the crack of the voice, Ray and Schaub
Ray Freund w/ Fran Schaub w/ Arianna
by Kent Eikey April 28, 2005
Whipped is when one person in a relationship is totally controlled by the other person. Most often, the boyfriend is "whipped" by the girlfriend.
Dang, Matt is the most whipped person I know. He ditched his friends to go the winter formal dance with his girlfriend!
by Mad Gorilla February 27, 2014
A term men usually use when speaking to their friend who has a girlfriend when they don't. It was created completely out of jealousy because the friend who is being called "whipped" actually has a girlfriend who will get it on with him.
Dude is Thomas coming tonight?
Nah man he's with Julia... he's totally whipped

*girl standing next to them* You're just jealous you're not getting any ass
by THE ravenclaw July 22, 2013
The state of being characterized by complete submission to your girlfriend.
Example 1: "Sam is so whipped, if his girlfriend says poop he asks should I wipe?"

Example 2: "Molly's boyfriend is so whipped, when she snaps her fingers he asks ice or no ice?"
by kmoney66 March 25, 2012
Formally: A ⊃ B, A ∴ B (Modus Ponens)
Informally: If your girlfriend asserts A, then you have to do B

This isn't to say you can't do B without your girlfriend asserting A. It is just to say that when she asserts A that you have no option but to do B, whatever A and B are.

The reason why pussy doesn't enter into the definition above is because doing B does not entail the affirmation of pussy acquisition. In addition, doing B does not necessarily entail anything further.
Kat: I don't like the colour of the walls, change it for me
Damien: Okay, I'll paint the walls /Whipped

Jess: You're getting a fat, go to the gym more often
Saul: Okay, I'll go to the gym more often /Whipped

GIIIIRRRLLLFFRRIEND: Oh heeeellll nawww, y'all best be gettin' a job you broke ass niggah!
Eddie: OH-KAY /Whipped
by Philoso-mofo February 11, 2012
when a girl has complete control over a guy, but he is gettin it in. it is most likely that the girl is also wearing the pants in this situation. (see pussy whipped)
i am my example. i am whipped, and im gettin some, and my girl wears the pants. it does make me less of a man.
by thatkid1994 January 12, 2012
doing whatever your girlfriend tells you to do.
Alex is a whipped little bitch.
by sicklyfe23 January 24, 2011
Being obsessed with ones girlfriend to the point that she controls you and you no longer hang out with men
Oliver <3 Caroline

Me: dude oliver is so whipped
Lobbo: I heard caroline legit whips him
Oliver: but i love the feel of leather on my back
by Lobbo1 July 12, 2010

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