Doing every thing that your girlfriend says and ditching your real friends for her, being a little bitch, answering to the crack of the voice, Ray and Schaub
Ray Freund w/ Fran Schaub w/ Arianna
by Kent Eikey April 28, 2005
the defintion of whipped is when a guy is in love with a girl and cant get enough of her cause his a fag and has forgotten about broes before hoes (i cant get enough of her im whipped)
E.g Lain Windley is whipped on paige causes hes gay
by timmyjames July 24, 2006
When a person does everything their boyfriend or girlfriend orders them to do, no matter how ridiculous it is, and then some. Usually because they are afraid that if they don't follow instructions they will be dumped and left alone. Sometimes it can get to the point where the person is brainwashed to turn on their friends, and do anything possible so it it just them and their lover.
Jill:Bye baby, I gotta go to soccer practice. *tries to walk away*
Ricky:*grabs Jill's boob while making a funny whining noise and sticks his tounge down her throat* okay, remember to IM me as soon as you get home!
later that night....
Ricky: In an IM OMG you have been on for 5 minutes and you didn't IM me first! you're cheating on me! you were talking to some other guy! you don't love me! go back to your loser friends, I don't care!
as you can tell there is a lot more where that came from. anyways, Ricky's interogations cause Jill to cry and admit to fulfilling the accusations, even though they are not true. she apologizes profusely and Ricky brainwashes her into a plan of leaving her friends so it can just be the two of them, and in a matter of, hmm say 3 weeks, there is nothing left but JillandRicky, the famous inseparable couple who do nothing individually and have no other friends. but hey, that is just the kind of whipped I have encountered. usually the average isn't that bad (because the whipped spouse is SMART), and it ends on the IM freakouts.
by Celina DS September 13, 2005
Being completely controlled by your girlfriend or most cases a guy being completely controlled by his girlfriend.
Ian is whipped by Janelle
by juni_rms February 26, 2015
Whipped is when one person in a relationship is totally controlled by the other person. Most often, the boyfriend is "whipped" by the girlfriend.
Dang, Matt is the most whipped person I know. He ditched his friends to go the winter formal dance with his girlfriend!
by Mad Gorilla February 27, 2014
Being absolutely hooked on somebody's love to the point of no return
I'm whipped on this lad
by Slayaaaa0128 November 17, 2013
A term men usually use when speaking to their friend who has a girlfriend when they don't. It was created completely out of jealousy because the friend who is being called "whipped" actually has a girlfriend who will get it on with him.
Dude is Thomas coming tonight?
Nah man he's with Julia... he's totally whipped

*girl standing next to them* You're just jealous you're not getting any ass
by THE ravenclaw July 22, 2013
A man who's every action is controlled by their significant other. A male person who will not, under any circumstance, put bro's before ho's. Being a will, that is, on their girlfriends command bailing on anything their male comrades have planned.
"He can't go out today as his girlfriend won't let him,he's so whipped"
by registered July 14, 2012

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