Doing every thing that your girlfriend says and ditching your real friends for her, being a little bitch, answering to the crack of the voice, Ray and Schaub
Ray Freund w/ Fran Schaub w/ Arianna
by Kent Eikey April 28, 2005
To be totally controlled and dominated by your girlfriend to the point of being completely distracted, ditching your friends, and/ or doing anything and everything she says.

NOTE: there is a difference between sincerely loving your girlfriend and being whipped. Being whipped involves doing everything she says. Sincerely loving her means you may do nice things for her, but you at least know where to draw the line
"Dude Garrett does anything Jenna says. She totally has him whipped"
by Notwhipped101 November 14, 2009
1. When a man is controlled and/or dominated by his girlfriend.

The man is not allowed to do anything with his friends or that his girlfriend doesn't allow.

This man is whipped if he ceased doing certain activities because his girlfriend doesn't allow it or threatens a breakup.
Arianne: Naveed knows the consequences if he did that..

Richie: Wow you have your finger wrapped around him

Michael: Some might say on a leash..

Chris: Now we're getting into the fact, not opinion, that Naveed is whipped
by McCluskey904 March 11, 2010
being mentally physically emotionally and spiritually abused and controlled by a no good meanie of a girl or boy buuuuut mainly girl who steals happy fun time with the fellas that you eventually die sad and homeless
Billy: man brody is so whipped isnt he George?

George: yeah i still cant believe he drove to alaska to get her specially hand made earmuffs by eskimos

by patrick cesare tadolini June 09, 2007
When a guy is at the complete mercy of his girlfriend. There are several methods of whipping, the most popular being pussy whipped, when sex is held out for obideince. When a guy is whipped he is generally a little bitch and proceds to ditch his friends repeatedly and tells amazing stories about being in love. He also will doing fag like activities like ice skating and picnics. He should probably be beat down or slapped by a penis for such activities.
Best Friend: Damn you sure are whipped.
Whipped Bitch: No, Im in love, you guys wouldn't understand.
*slapped in face by dick*
Best Friend: Shut the Fuck up fag.
Whipped Bitch: Damn I needed that. Thanks guys! Ive got to go dump a bitch!
by C-Pimp January 31, 2006
A completely horrible thing that happens to a lot of teenage boys who think they are going to get some pussy if they listen to their girlfriend/some other female's wishes. They also get offended if it's 5 minutes after you promised to call/text them and you didn't.
Nick: I don't want to do anything this weekend. Well, I know you're coming over, and I still want you to, but I just want to watch TV all day. Is that okay?
Girl Who Will Not Be Named Because It's Me And I Don't Want Him To Know I Think He's Whipped: Yeah, sure. Whatever.
Nick: No. You don't want to do that. I'll take you shopping/to the movies/out for ice cream. All I care about is your happiness. Is there anything else you want me to do? Clean your room? ANYTHING? Please don't break up with me. I'm sorry.
by I don't like your girlfriend. November 01, 2007
Being controlled completely by a woman and doing anything she asks when she asks.
Damn Jordan is whipped by Amanda he does anything she says!
by KorruptOne November 08, 2010
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