Doing every thing that your girlfriend says and ditching your real friends for her, being a little bitch, answering to the crack of the voice, Ray and Schaub
Ray Freund w/ Fran Schaub w/ Arianna
by Kent Eikey April 28, 2005
See Avio Brooklyn.
A royal douche, a completely emasculated man who hangs on the every word and follows every whim of his "girlfriend", more accurately called here "mistress", or even "master".
Did you hear about Avio Brooklyn doing whatever his girlfriend wants?!

Sure did, he's WHIPPED! What a royal douche
by Bumpus Jones December 14, 2007
when a virgin male is under total control by a female
Steve got totally whipped by Vicki
by D Donkas January 11, 2005
when your girlfriend/boyfriend makes all your descions for you
Damn Nick is one whipped bitch
by Big B May 03, 2004
my boyfriend friends tell him that he is whipped by me which i truley disagree n so does my boyfriend we jus love eachother;whipped means u wil do anythinqq n say anythinq if ur girlfriend tells u in other words she is controlling him
by WerddY0 ! March 30, 2009
when your friends are jealous they dont have a girlfriend and they are so lonely and dont have anything else to do but follow you around and tell everyone your whipped
man zach is whipped .im jealuus a girl cant whipp me. im lonely.
by klevisfag December 17, 2008
Not always refered to in a bad way...
it could just mean being really, really, really crazy about someone and having them feel the same way back.

My boyfriend is so whipped and I love it.
by Namie December 17, 2007
Buying a pink polo at 8 at night so you can match with your girlfriend the next day, and tries to cover it up by saying "no i chose to buy this shirt".
David Chun: "I got this from Korea!"
Everyone: "SUUUUUUUUUURE, *whispers....whipped*"
by Whippy McWhipWhip September 06, 2007
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