peace adios asta la vista later, im gone. Whipped Cream simply means BYE NIGGA! This defines the PROVERBIAL Whipped Cream. There is also the LITERAL Whipped Cream.

Wipped Cream is normally used in situations requiring more than a simple "peace" gesture, so you normally wouldn't just use it to say goodbye to your friends (but you can if you'd like).

Whipped Cream is always supposed to be followed with a "Ya HEARD!" from a seperate (possibly random) person. Wipped Cream is also normally followed with "BITCH!", as "BITCH!" makes a great complement to any phrase.

While "Flashing the Whipped Cream" (what it is called to use wipped cream in action) one can also flash the "three finger salute". This is to is to hold up your index, middle and ring finger in the shape of a sideways W, and pivot your rist up and down.
Here are a few examples of when to use "W/C"

The most common use of the proverbial wipped cream is in racing related activities.
-Kris is street racing Paul. When Kris blasts passed pauls slow POS, he sticks his head out the window and yells "WHIPPED CREAM!!" while flashing the "three finger salute". The homeless man walking up the street next to the race then yells out "YA HEARD!!!"

Another example would be during the break up of a girlfriend.

Mike is having an argument with his girlfriend. After some harsh words, she says "well maybe you should just go". Mike takes her advice and flashes the W/C by yelling WHIPPED CREAM BITCH!!!! in her face while throwing the "three finger salute". At this time, the girls father walks out (seemingly from out of nowhere) and begins flashing the three finger salute at his daughter while screaming "YA HEARD!!!!".
by Old El Paso April 11, 2006
Top Definition
Other than honey, the best food that tastes better when it's on a woman's body.
Yo baby bring that thang over here so I can put some whipped cream on you.
by TenInchPlaya August 20, 2006
a really sweet thing to put on

1)ice cream
3)your man
Put some whipped cream on me baby

Yes, sir!
by 44dinablowurhorn44 May 03, 2007
kinky in a kan
get some whipped cream and we'll have some fun!!!
by ImSoHoRnYsExPlZ August 23, 2008
a substance that can get you what you want when you want
Use your imagination
by cyndy February 21, 2003
a boy puts whipped cream on a girls leg and then licks it off, or vice versa
Hey Anna, tomorrow, you, me, whipped cream.
by AnnoymousPeinguin May 31, 2010
When a man ejaculates onto a bodily surface, and begins rubbing vigorously the semen that has been dispersed onto the skin; Creating a fluffy white, "Whipped" Cream.
I just jizzed on her back, and made whipped cream by rubbing it really hard and fast.
by pewtypewter December 20, 2014
when a girl cums, and then the guy busts all kindzz of nutzz in her sugar walls. The mixture of the two cums is called whipped cream.
guy: Damn baby we sure made some great whipped cream last night ;)
girl: yeah we did... it felt amazing :)
by Dr. Feelgood69 December 22, 2012
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