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A birthday gift from a young man and his girlfriend to his girlfriend's friend. The invitation must be given through a phone call on the recipient's birthday. The answer is always "no, thank you." The young man will call the recipient back several months later and ask again. The answer is still no.
RB: What exactly is it (whipped cream and sprinkles)?
CJ: Well, what it is is....She say, she say she want both yall, you and her, to lay on the bed butt ass neked.... I spray whipped cream on both yalls pussies...I put sprinkles on both yalls pussies..I blow out each of yall candles, and I lick both yalls clings.

6 months later...
CJ: Do you want to still do it...because I know some people who do?
RB: *Hangs up phone*

by Love Dr. February 17, 2008
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