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When your having sex with a women and when you pull your penis out it slaps you in the face.
yesterday night i had a case of whip lash
by BigX January 20, 2004
18 59
A man that accidentally breaks his neck and dies trying to "go down" on himself.
A man in Kentucky got Whiplash while driving a car.
by deerinheat October 06, 2006
34 78
Nickname for President George W(hiplash) Bush. Let's face it, he does kind of look like Taco John's Whiplash the monkey, and he is the little cowboy
So, what did stupid Whiplash have to say at the press conference?
by Bonza September 22, 2005
41 89
The preferred sound a quadriplegic makes when they dive into a swimming pool.
Lifeguard: Hmmm, that sounded like a whiplash. Better get me first aid kit ready.
by Cobs July 20, 2003
17 65