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Severe injury sustained from repeated "head-banging".
"Acting like a maniac.... WH****SH!!!"
by dila February 11, 2004
239 55
A phony injury people claim they have when they are in a car accident.
Michelle had a fender bender, so she claimed whiplash and got $10,000 in court.
by mhmm May 20, 2005
161 77
When a friend is who normally associates with you acts cold to you for no apparent reason and it makes your head spin, hence, whiplash. Can be with a boyfriend or girlfriend as well, though used more in non-dating context.
Marrisa: Hey, what happened with you and Shelby?
Lauren: I have no idea; she's giving me whiplash. I'm sick of her.
by A. Non. Emus November 21, 2013
17 9
a character iron-man faces. he uses electric whips to slice through anything. his whips can also be used for cutting toast into triangles.
Guy1: dude Whiplash just destroyed my car.
Guy2: Someone better call Iron-man
Guy1: okay you do it my phone was in my car.
by flurfdawg April 26, 2011
34 34
A horrible work of graffiti art.
I'm crossin out this whip lash and puttin up my graffiti.
by spencer miller March 08, 2005
15 37
A guy who whips his blonde hair around like a fricken idiot. The guy has no clue you are calling him Whiplash behind his back and he also has no clue what you are talking about when you say it right to his face.
girl: look at that guy whipping his hair around like a fricken idiot.

other girl: yeah, i know that kid. i call him whiplash.

both girls: BAHahahHHAhHhhah!
by p.w.lover May 01, 2009
45 75
When your having sex with a women and when you pull your penis out it slaps you in the face.
yesterday night i had a case of whip lash
by BigX January 20, 2004
21 60