A whip it, normally called a whipped cream charger, is a polished silver canister about 2 inches in length containing .8 or .16 mg of nitrous oxide.

When cracking sealed whip its, you will need a whipped cream dispenser or separate cracker (normally with a large non inflated balloon attached around its dispenser valve).

After a series of long, deep breaths the whip it is then inhaled through either the filled dispenser or balloon at which point the user will then hold their breath.

The desired effect happens almost immediately and is composed of a series of short hallucinations and distorted hearing. The user will then slowly breath out the remaining n2o and repeatedly inhale oxygen until the effect wears off.

This abuse of nitrous oxide puts it on the Hazardous Chemicals database due to sometimes causing asphyxiation.
"Dude! Did you just see that guy take three whip its upside down hanging on that pull-up bar?!? That was just 10 minutes ago and now he's cooking us dinner!"
by WhipItsDotOrg November 19, 2008
You can use a can of whip cream, dont shake just inhale the air that comes out, not the whip cream (hmm whipits whip cream... connection?)
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
What one does when a problem comes along.
Jack: My dog ate my history report again! What do I do?
Kevin: I say whip it! Whip it good!
Jack: Maybe not, man. The PETA might get on my case.
by adypants July 29, 2009
Whip It, is "also" an expression in which
one acts upon when doing Whip Its(No2).
Something they would normally not do on there own without the power of Whip Its(No2).

An expression that is used to explain the way someone acts while on Whip Its(No2).

or also an expression to explain one that has reached the plane of being whipped out or High from doing Whip It (No2).
A person takes a Whip It (No2) hit and starts to convulse and talk funny (some may hallucinate various visions or feel physical reactions). People doing Whip It’s with that person might say something like "That’s so Whip It!"
People that are doing Whip Its together notice someone doing it has reached there High from doing Whip Its and react from the high and all together say "Whip It!" or "Whipped" usually followed by pointing the finger at the person who has just Whipped Out.
by Whipper Snapper February 08, 2009
1) (verb) During the act of sexual intercourse the male will slap his penis against a female's face, bottom, or somewhere on the female's body.

2) (verb) During foreplay a male will slap his penis against the female's body, until he becomes aroused enough to engage in sexual intercourse.
"The white girls love it when I whip it."

"I was fuckin this bitch when I flopped out and whipped it on her stomach, before I put it back in."

"Whip it real hard."
by YeahItsThatBig April 28, 2012
When you take a can of whipped cream (the kind that comes in a metal can with the plastic nozzle) and you take it without shaking and shoot the burst of air into your mouth or nose and inhale. An easy way to get high.
Damn man this whipits have me tripping like a mofo.
by danownz June 17, 2005
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