To dominate in any given feild, to unleash an unholy amount of ass kicking. Used like as an adjective, like cool or sweet, or a verb like kicking ass or owning.
Notre Dame is gonna whip stiches on USC this year! Yeah the Irish!

Have you seen (insert hip movie here)? It whips stiches!

by l/p May 07, 2006
Top Definition
Cheaply made clothing. You can tell when something has been whip stiched when your new clothes tears easily and seams become undone.

I bought this new jacket and the whip stitches started coming loose.

Jimmy's shoes were so cheaply made, everyone could tell they were whip stiched when they started falling apart.

Clothes made at Walmart are whip stitched, they are made very cheaply in Asia and that is why they are so affordable.
by Tori R March 15, 2007
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