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Any process which involves making a smokeable form of a drug. Usaually in reference to base or crack cocaine but can also reference other drugs such as PCP. Made a popular term by mostly southern gangsta rappers (most notably Young Jeezy) but used commonly among poor youths trying to make cash
I'm in the kitchen, whip em up them ounces
by lehs0001 June 01, 2006
the process of converting PCP/AngelDust from a Liquid/oil into bags on parsley flakes.
1.get $100 bottle of oil.
2.get small bottle of McCormiks' parsley flakes.
3.pour bottle of oil into the bottle of parsley flakes.
4.Shake parsley up well, untill all flakes are soaked.
5.put shaken bottle of flakes into freezer for approx 10minutes.
6.remove from freezer, open bottle listen to the "Woooosh" sound.
7.Bag up flakes and store in freezer untill ready to smoke/sell.
"ill be ready in a minute, i have to Whip Em Up"
by Jason McKinney October 06, 2003
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