To drive a vehicle in reverse and throw it into a tight spiral, where at least two wheels are sliding rather than rolling.

Compare doing doughnuts, which is to throw a vehicle into a similar tight spiral, but starting in a forward gear.

To do so strictly for the hell of it is not required, but generally implied.

Usually performed in an empty parking lot, blacktop area of a junior high school playground, etc., after a freezing rain or a large enough snowstorm to render the surface very slippery.
Brian and I took his old Chevy Nova out to the mall after the big snowstorm to do a doughnut and whip a shitty.
by JMike66 August 13, 2007
Top Definition
To rotate your vehicle 180 degrees counterclockwise at high speeds in order to go the opposite direction. Also known as making a sharp U-turn.
Shit! You missed the exit! Whip a shitty!
by David Barnes January 09, 2005
To make a U-turn whilst driving a vehicle.
Gol darnit! I missed the turn, better whip a shitty so we can head on back.
by Brian Miksic October 01, 2007
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