A person who consistantly whines or cries a lot.
Stop being such a big whino!
by Tim January 22, 2005
Top Definition
whino Noun singular. Whinoes noun plural.
1. a whino is a type of drunk, usually a hobo, who has a preference for cheap wines over the vodkas and whiskeys etc. Especially known for 'hiding' their drink of choice in a paper bag.
john was once a successful programmer before the dot bomb era, now he's just another whino sucking his life away one bottle at a time.
by kesuki January 22, 2006
a person who whines a lot. number one definition you are an idiot and can't spell correctly.
Kesuki is going to be a whino when he realizes he spelled wino wrong.
by josie-c January 06, 2010
a person addicted to whining or the fruit of their own whine
Knowing no other way to get his point across, John became a whino, constantly complaining how difficult his job was.
by silgirl January 01, 2009
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