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A case of whining and bitching about swine flu, but can be used to describe anyone whining like a little bitch.
Person one: "I'm so scared of swine flu1!!!1!111one!"
Person two: "Bitch, you got a case of whine flu."
by dani6661 May 03, 2009
Like the Swine Flu, but what you call somebody when they overly complain about being sick, mocking them. Usually when they freak out and panic over the tiniest cough, believing that they have swine flu.
Dude did you hear about Erica? She freaked out because she had a sore throat and now she thinks she has Swine Flu. If you ask me, she's got Whine Flu.
by a1chrisryan1a May 10, 2009
any number of symptoms experinced after the swine flu outbreak, complained about by individuals thinking to get out of something unpleasant
Bill thought that by telling the arresting officer he had a cough and a temperture and it might be swine flu he would'nt go to jail. They checked his temp and it was fine so now he's doin time with the Whine Flu.
by Dyzfunction June 03, 2009
A slang word for the swine flu, meaning that all anyone ever does about the swine flu is whine.
Mr.Dude:Why don't they ever try to get rid of the swine flu?
Mr.Guy:People talk about it, but no one wants to do anything about it.
Mr.Dude:Sounds more like the whine flu to me.
by Wildwarf May 25, 2009
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