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v. The act of taking away from a player's skills, spells, or effectiveness in some manner, such as reducing weapon effectiveness or boosting mobs.

Also called mud whimping, player whimping, nerfing or blunting
My character got whimped by this asshole immortal.
by Brian Alwrite November 17, 2003
32 92
In the 1940s, the word "weakling" or "whimp" was used before the word "nerd" was used widely.
"Heavy metal or no metal at all whimps and posers leave the hall" by Manowar
by JoCa87pvz May 14, 2007
122 61
(n) an ignorant misspelling of wimp, which is used to refer to a weak and cowardly person
idiot: "ur such a whimp!"
educated person: "Ew. Go away."
by bleglshdf July 22, 2013
14 7
the combination of a whore and a pimp.
Kelly is a particularly fine-ass whimp.
by kateweiner. January 13, 2009
1 10