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A popular Russian-American web community where materialistic youth gathers to flaunt newly acquired cars, breasts, and conservative/racist views instilled within them by their bitter Soviet expatriate parents.
Sasha, Natasha, Pasha, Dasha, and finally Masha all realized they were on Whimit and went out in black and silver Lexus Jeeps and Maximas to drive into the sea.
by Albert Miaskovsky May 04, 2004
A community website for Russian-speaking young people who immigrated to the United States from the countries of the former Soviet Union. Foreigners (i.e. those who do not speak Russian and aren't from a former Soviet state) are not welcome on this site and are usually referred to meetspot (a site for Americans of all nationalities).
-Have you been on Whimit lately?
-Yeah, I check my comments every day.
by AlifBaa July 08, 2005
A popular website where Russian-Americans can exhibit personal photos, fill out a questionnaire, and write comments to others in hopes of meeting new friends and potential mates. Very widespread in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, although holds individuals from all over the country.
Are you on whimit?
by Yulia October 09, 2003
a website for young Russian people who want to meet new people or just a new way of communication with friends
Hey, you should check meout on whimit.
by Lola June 27, 2003
a website where people delete their profile and then make a new one again for attention or other reasons;
Olga is on whimit.
-Why u deleted your profile?
-huh? I just made one.
by think about it July 15, 2006
A really cool sites that lets you communicate with friends and meet interesting people :)
Why not join?
by Ella January 20, 2004
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