When someone is too harsh in manner, tone or behavior.
"She be whilin"
by Kimmy K June 02, 2003
Top Definition
out of control, going crazy
Yo, when I that chick that I didn't want to be her menzes no more, she started whilin.
by the jump off October 17, 2003
whilin is like goiong out of control or blowing things out of proportion
my teacher stay whilin on dumb shit
by Crazii_Cat_16 January 05, 2006
Someone not knowing whats going on, but then acting like they do all of a sudden up out of the blue, and crazyness. Usually people from delaware and up north.
Man the other day All Pro Perry asked me why I need to get the white on white shoes, then when i told her its so i can stay fresh she was like yea i know what you mean. Shoot she stay whilin.
by Ddub November 24, 2006
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