A white person who trys to act black. They are annoying little fucktards that suck cock.
Whigger "Yo sup dawg."
Black Person "Let's kill this motha fucka"
Normal White Person "Thats what you get for acting retarded."
by Bubbathon September 05, 2004
Some stupid ass who thinks being "black"
is cool and is insecure in his own
ethnic appearance.
Most every white who likes hiphop, rap,
and for what passes as R&B nowadays.
Similar people of different non-black
ethnicities are suffering under this
delusion as well but as of yet no term
has been used for them yet.
by bofe January 15, 2003
White people messing up urban slang meanings.
A whigger would say "dubs means giving head." NO No No!!! Derb means giving head.
by thisisbullshit March 14, 2009
1. A prevalent member of the political party, the Whiggamores (Commonly known as the Whig).

2. Those who stole the name and transformed it into describing themselves as a most profound "gangster" of their race.
1. "Oh hello you dirty Torie, I myself am a proud representative of the Whig Party, and am here to disgrace your silly British ways."

2. "Hay gurl, last night this stank up whigger-boy came up to me and try to ax me fo' a date. Yeah I know it, the dude was sucha loser."
by Typhoon G. Nguyen October 22, 2008
A white person who pretends to be black. These are not the genuine kind. Genuine white people are actually interested in the Black urban culture. Whiggers are just posers who are acting Black because it's the cool thing to do.
-Wassap my homie?! We gonna be scammin' dem biatches tonight! Word up!

-Shup up Lance, you whigger-douche!
by Adam "Tr0n" March 08, 2005
-a white person who thinks/acts they are black- often walks up to black girls and says things that they think black people say like "damn mothah fucka, you got yourself a ghetto ass and some sweet titties, so come sit on daddy's lap and gimmie some shugar and shizzle my nizzle"
all white rappers/ whites who lay blacks
by allison July 19, 2004

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