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Any white person on Long Island that has a fitted baseball hat and use the words "dat" "nahhh" "nawmeen" and "nigga" to there white friends
"yo jahime i went out to long island dis weekend and ders da mostamount of whigger's have eva seen.."
by Matt johann November 17, 2007
8 6
some white fooo tryin to act black thats messed up man
eminem is a whigger
by katie erickason May 04, 2003
30 28
A white guy that acts like a nigger
The whigger listens to rap music
by Igloo in an Icebox December 24, 2012
2 1
A white person that is in love with the black race. It doesn't matter if it is Brazilian or Ugandian. Just can't get enough.
A whigger is a white dude that only dates black girls. As I said before, she could be from Belize.
by Ayom September 14, 2008
8 7
A white person who trys to act black. They are annoying little fucktards that suck cock.
Whigger "Yo sup dawg."
Black Person "Let's kill this motha fucka"
Normal White Person "Thats what you get for acting retarded."
by Bubbathon September 05, 2004
39 38
Some stupid ass who thinks being "black"
is cool and is insecure in his own
ethnic appearance.
Most every white who likes hiphop, rap,
and for what passes as R&B nowadays.
Similar people of different non-black
ethnicities are suffering under this
delusion as well but as of yet no term
has been used for them yet.
by bofe January 15, 2003
43 42
Whigger (y-ger)

A Whigger is cross between the word nigger and white. A Whigger can be any person of the white race that isn't or is not a decent of British, German, French, Scottish or any "rich heritage" white people. Mainly refers to Irish and Italians, and is an insult because of the lack of intelligence, self control, reason, and accomplisments and ties with crime. Not to be mistakend with the word Wigger
Jeff: Glad I don't have Irish or Italian blood, If I did I would be a screw up in life.

Dave: Yep. Damn Whiggers.

Anthony: What?!
by Wonder Weasle October 21, 2011
2 2