1. A prevalent member of the political party, the Whiggamores (Commonly known as the Whig).

2. Those who stole the name and transformed it into describing themselves as a most profound "gangster" of their race.
1. "Oh hello you dirty Torie, I myself am a proud representative of the Whig Party, and am here to disgrace your silly British ways."

2. "Hay gurl, last night this stank up whigger-boy came up to me and try to ax me fo' a date. Yeah I know it, the dude was sucha loser."
by Typhoon G. Nguyen October 22, 2008
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A disparaging term used to describe a Caucasian person that mimics ghetto and urban vernacular. More commonly used to describe those Caucasians whose only contact with popular urban culture is the entertainment media. A poseur.
The wigger thought all the black kids at school would be his friend because his mother bought him the latest pair of Jordans.
by Venessa Nina December 26, 2002
need I say more?

I do? Ok then..

Stupid little white boys from the suburbs (rich kids) pretending to be from the "ghetto" and to be "hard".

They wear fubu (for us by us, am I the only one to find the irony in this), Ecko Unlimited, shady ltd, sean john, and other nigger/whigger brands of clothes and pretend to be niggers. They speak broken ebonics, walk slow, wear baggy sweatpants, and have a habit to grab their crotch. They usually are really pail and try (and mostly fail miserably) to rap and "ball"

They listen to (c)rap music and often think that they're actually tough, with their "peeps" and often get their asses kicked by real niggers and white people. They often speak broken ebonics, and are a logical equivilant to retarded.

See also Wigger (the words are pronounced the same, but have 2 different meanings, Wigger can be used for any nonblack person who acts nigger-ish, whigger is for white people only).
Whigger: I so blak yo. me n mi peeps r guna chll ltr at mikes hous.
Whigger: yo, u so wite foshizzle.
Me: And so are you, you tard, now speak plain english, whiety.
Whigger: yo, wai u getin up n mi gril yo?
Me: Fuck you, you faggot whigger
*I kick his ass*
by Racist Rob March 08, 2006
A white person who attempts to act black, but usually ends up just acting moronic.
"Man, what's with these stupid whiggers driving around in low-riders, blaring rap music that talks about killing whitey?"
by DragonXero January 06, 2003
A white person who tries to act black, wears his pants around his knees listening to crap like 50 cent. Usually has about 10 inches of boxers showing and wears his cap sideways.
Jimmy, dressed in Jordan jeans, a pink basketball jersey, and sideways pink hat saying "gangsta" is the perfect example of a whigger.
by Nikolai BlackPaw February 24, 2006
a white man who wants to be black or pretends to be black
hey look at that whigger
by fly up cunts kids July 20, 2006
1) a caucasian who doubts his own toughness, so thinks he can fool people into fearing and respecting him by acting black. Ironically, the effect is the opposite. No one is afraid of a whigger not even a smaller whigger.

2) an embarrassingly bad white rapper, generally not applied to the very few talented white rappers like Eminem.
1) Whenever someone hassles him he does his whigger routine because he thinks it will scare them.

2) Vanilla Ice is a whigger.
by Mike Oxhard July 10, 2006
white people who act black but end up lookin dumb as hell.
Justin Timberlake
by GhettoLatinaBooty April 05, 2003

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