It´s a white person who feels and live like a black person because they have genes of a black parent, but they are only fenotipical white(or the color of the skin white); but their genotype (or the inside) it´s from a black person and they feel and think like a black, with the ghetto and the urban culture, usually they love rap and hip-hop, basketball and wearing loose cloathing. Sometimes they deserve to be a black person more than any other black guy.
Black person: Hey whigga quit rapping, you are White just like the snow.
Whigga: shut the f*** up as*h***, I not acting, I´m proud to be a whigga because my dad it´s more black than you.
by Dr. Ghetto August 21, 2007
white nigga, in other words... a white person who is trying to act black or "ghetto"
"yo my nigga, that fuckin whigga tryin to fuck with our homie. let's beat that whigga ass!"
by hA gAo SeW mAi April 21, 2003
A white man who is accustomed to the Black culture, hanging out with Black people, living with Black people and thinks he is a "real nigga".
"Oh man look at this! Oh fuck look his damm clothes!! For sure he's a real whigga.
by Axel M. (78) December 12, 2007
white person thinking there black,
comes from the nick name of nigga and white hence "whigga".
eminem is a whigga! chav's are all whiggas!
by You cant see me August 02, 2005
A friendly term used to greet a white man
It is offensive to use in a racist way
"Yo whaddup my whigga!"
by hiut malkosh March 13, 2008

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