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An open ended question:
1. If it is ask during a middle of a conversation, the answer is Earth.
2. If it is ask in the beginning of a conversation, it simply means: sup, hi, hello, what's up?, how's is going?, what are u up to?, did you eat yet?
Ex 1.
Will: So I saw this chick the other day and I wanted to bang the shit outta her
Jon: That's nice.
Will: btw, where will you do known begun in between?

Jon: huh?
Will answer the question.
Jon: i don't know the answer
Will: answer is Earth, you idiot, everyone knows's common knowledge!

Jay:where will you do known begun in between?
Will:nm...just fed my dog Shwygur, bout to go blaze
Jay: nice
by Shwygur July 08, 2009
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