Someone who is in a wheelchair is know as a Wheelie
That girl is a wheelie!
by yoitsaj88 November 16, 2008
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a motorcycle stunt done by riding on one wheel while the other is raised in the air.
That show off popped a wheelie again.
by Light Joker November 29, 2005
The coolest trick ever. It's easy to do, and the ladies will swoon when they see you doing it. You get in your car, or on your bike and go really fast. Then you go extra fast and lift the front end off the ground and ride like that for a little while... the longer the better.
I was going really fast in my Volvo the other day, and I popped a wheelie. Then Rosie O'Donnell asked me for my phone number. Whoo hoo!
by mommyithertz September 29, 2004
Urban vernacular for describing a male erection. In other words, the penis rises much like the front end of a motorcycle during a "wheelie".

Also see woody
Yo man. Ole girl got some skillz. She waz allup on me and I popped a wheelie strong. My d@#k was harda den brain surgery.
by GilFromTheHill March 10, 2005
Slang commonly used as a synonym for mastrubation. Can be used as an noun or verb.
Gosh I'd rather be doing a wheelie than studying tonight!
Phil wheelied twice today and still has the blue balls after seeing that hot girl.
by datsit February 28, 2016
Is to have the up most skill and balance to ride on rear tire. Only cool people can wheelie and all the chicks like it even if they act like they think its not cool they know the panties got all most and they wanted to jump his bones.
Look at that stud wheelie cat walking that nice bike.
by STUNTER ON A GSXR February 15, 2011
A derogatory term for a person who uses a wheelchair.
A: "Check out that wheelie over there! Ha ha!"

B: *groan* "You know, that could just as easily be you."
by Jason L. April 14, 2005
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