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A chair with wheels used by incapacitated people.
Tim hast to go now with a wheelchair because he had an accident.
by Rene_18 May 13, 2005
Racecar for the walking-impaired
Hey, NICE WHEELS, Buddy. That's a real hot wheel chair you've got. Zoom, Zoom.
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 16, 2003
The mexican way of saying "We'll Share"
Hey Jaime, Lupe only left us one enchilada but is ok, wheelchair
by IHeartMexicans July 31, 2009
A type of hybrid cannabis. A very peculiar breed. Effects are much more strong and different than regular mids.
Hook me up with some of that wheelchair.
by P huNgy October 29, 2003
verb - to fuck someone so hard that they cannot walk
"did you bang that chick last night?"
"bang her?? i fuckin' WHEELCHAIRED her, bro!"
by wheelchair expert September 14, 2009
When you see a guy/girl so hot that you would fuck him/her so hard, they would require a wheelchair to move around.
Mark: Damn! Check out that blonde chick over there.

Sam: She is definitely of wheelchair quality!
by Savona July 10, 2008
Marijuana that makes you tired, dizzy, slothful, or recumbant. Wheelchair is usually the least desireable index by which marijuana is appreciated though some users have a preference for it. Wheelchair has a high analgesic and anasthetic effect without the euphoria that would be found in happy pot.
I picked up some wheelchair pot for my grandmother to help her with her arthritis.
by Cool Hand Duke October 02, 2007
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