A person that follows everyone else around, and has no personality or style of their own. In a sense, Aaron Gerow.
by b. neuf October 28, 2003
Mid-grade marajuana or fifty. Better than some of that regular old dirt off the ground but not kind bud.
Child- "You holdin'?"
Gangster- "I ain't got no reginald but I got dat wheel tho."
by DJLEEthal June 23, 2009
To consume salvia divinorum. The word stems from the user's propensity to uncontrollably perform cartwheels after ingesting the drug.
Hey, dude! Want some wheel?
by mcstellar April 27, 2008
To have an intense sex session for as long as physically possible.
"Maxwell used to wheel that broad so hard her head went through the wall."
by Chan March 28, 2005
a circular shaped disk or frame that revolves on an axis, as on or in vehicles or machinery
The wheels on the bus go round and round...

The steering wheel controls the direction of travel.

A wheelie is when the driver rides on the rear wheel(s) of a vehicle.
by J_man October 07, 2009
A name for mutual sex because in a wheel the wheel and shaft move simultaneously.
Hey was she a pulley, nah it was a wheel.
by Superconductor May 10, 2006
A large poop. In reference to an 18 wheeler.
Man, I ate so much mexican food that now I've got to take a massive wheel.
by Weezy July 06, 2004
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