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Extreme circumstances that normally lead one to exclaim "What the f##k?".
During the ongoing whatthefuckery that ensued in getting a cab, we lost track of how late we were.
by Tijw December 13, 2004
An act that causes every spectator in the vicinity to say what the F*#k in unison.
You little turds knock off tat whatthefuckery!!!!
by NeverReadyProduction January 13, 2010
People doing over-the-top stupid shit.
Normal fuckery: stupid shit.

A man calls into 911 to report his iphone being broken.

Whatthefuckery: compounded stupid shit.

Said man proceeds to harass the 911 operator until they

send an office to his house. Only they go to arrest his

stupid ass for numerous 'being-an-idiot' charges.
by JackieMarie November 15, 2011
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