what's his/her face?

another way of saying, what's his/her name. it tends to be used more in the northern states, replaced in the south by what' his/her name.

It also is commonly used to replace a person's name when you can't remember it.
Jenny, remember that guy...oh you know he's kinda tall. Oh, what's his face?

Jimmy. Way to be vague.
by Kassandra May 10, 2006
a word used to define some poor bastard you cant whose name you either a) cannot remember or
b) would much rather belittle by calling them whats-his-face

also see whatsisname
Link: man, that whats-his-face is such a prick.

Mud: lets kill him

Link: shouldn't we find who he is first?

mud: why the crap would we do that?
by Link the Wolf May 03, 2005
1. Used by friends to define the new guy
2. Girls use this term to define each others new boyfriends because girl is a slut
3. A boy who is easily forgotten
1. George, get whats his face
2. Mary that whore is going out with whats his face
3. Hey! Its whats his face
by KissuKiruAi March 13, 2005
Used in place of a person's name when you forget their name, but you think the person you're talking to knows who it is.
Billy- "Dad, is Mr. ... what's his face? ... taking you to the airport for your business trip, or do you need a ride?"

Dad- "Oh, Mr. Smith? No, actually I fired him this morning. Can you take me before you go to work?"

Billy- "Sure Dad, since you're the greatest!"
by DeJo January 22, 2008
Used when someone cannot remember the name of someone, the name of a town, basically a name of anything.
Dude: Who was it?
Friend: Whatshisface told you to remember the party on Friday
by TsunaSawada June 05, 2011
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