to ask someone what is going on, ex: whats up, hows it goin, whats good
Pikachu: Yo
Jadems: What's Goodies
Pikachu: nothin much just poosin
Jadems: True true
by Jimmy Schorn December 30, 2010
Top Definition
1.) to ask what is going on

2.) to be updated on a situation
1.) Homeboy #1: "Whats Goody nigga i aint holla at you in a minute!"
Homeboy #2: "Im Goody nigga, where da whores at?"

2.) Yo #1: "Yo, Chris got hit by a car!"
Yo #2: "Aww Man, Whats Goody with him, is he aight?"
by RickeyBaltimore November 25, 2005
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