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"What's good?" is a greeting similar to "what's up?" or "how are you?" When asked "What's good at (name of a place)?" your reply might include what you're doing, how you're doing, anything of note about the place of interest , etc. "Nothin, chillin" is also an acceptable response, though some may look upon you as cold, uninterested, or simply unoriginal.
Ben: Kacey, What's good?
Kacey: Jay-Z is playing on campus and we're high as shit.
by alex_trebek June 19, 2009
means whats up, whats new, how've ya been?
yoo whats good??
nadaaa.. chillin chillin son..u?
by ashlee August 05, 2003
another way of saying WUSSUP
" Wuz good mah niggeh!?"
by S1Ck3ST FLiGGaHh April 23, 2003
another way of saying how are you to somone
bob:whats good
me:im cool man
by no,whats your name September 07, 2003
what's up, what's happenin
What's good kid
by j-rob mad fresh April 10, 2010
whats up , or how's it going
hey whats good with you today
by zee April 23, 2005
What's up?, what's happening?, what's new?
-What's good?
-Not much, jus' chillin'
by princZess420 February 17, 2004
In relation to greeting another, in a positive manner.
Yo homie, whats good?
by Greg Amato November 26, 2006