In relation to greeting another, in a positive manner.
Yo homie, whats good?
by Greg Amato November 26, 2006
It means whats up or how are you
Hello whats good
by Adam June 22, 2003
An informal inquiry meaning "how are you?".
What's good?
It's all good hombre!
by Sparkey196 May 26, 2006
1. Meaning What's Up or What's Going On?

2. When someone may have beef with you, "asking" if they have a problem

3. Asking if someone has drugs or whatever
1. Hey Bob! What's Good With Ya?

2. Hey I heard you were talkin shit. What's Good?

3. Man, What's Good with that green? Nothing now but I'll be good come Monday.
by Don't Care July 16, 2005
A universal greeting between stoners, and fellow appreciators of the ganj.
Stranger 1: What's Good brah?
Stranger 2: What's Good!
Stranger 1: My name's Maryjane
Stranger 2: I'm Steve!
Stranger 1: Lets "Get Safe?!"
Stranger 2: I got the grass.
by n0wh3r3 m@n August 17, 2009
whats good is the new whats up. it mean, how are you, wassup, whats new, whats up, sup? yaaaa all of those greeting words. it can also mean whats good in life, what have you been up to.
dude1: how are you?
dude2: huh?... yeah anyways...whats good man?
by Kimberly Clayton March 06, 2008
meaning What's up? or What's new?
Two friends talking
Friend 1: Yo, Whats good yo?
Friend 2: Yo, just chillin.
by sierra September 30, 2003

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