Another word used to describe the privates! drugs, genitals, money, ect....! can be used in multiple situations.
Hey babe ,did you find the What Nots in the box?

Honey, after the movie you want to play with my What Nots?

Damn, I can find the What Nots we bought today. Do you know where they got put?
by E-isAgreatprsn\bkOff November 20, 2009
A social crutch trash and people who managed to go through 12 years of English classes and still not figure out the language use.
I don't know all the details and whatnot but I'll talk about it like an ignorant fuck anyway.
by deadseye April 14, 2009
1. Another word used to describe the privates!

2. A describe an object for which one cannot remember the name.
1. After dinner would you like to play with my whatnots?

2.Hey, did you find the whatnots in the box?
by irrelevant_person December 31, 2011
A word used to portray a false intelligence, used by and idiot in place of "What have you" or Etcetera
Sometimes I like to read science newspapers and whatnot, and I'm telling you, figgs is made from dog balls!
by Whut not July 31, 2003
A more hip hop way of saying "etc", or a verbal way of expressing "..." It is said by those that have so much poppin' that they don't have the time or energy to explain what the "what not" is. This term should not be used by wannabe gangstas, as this will only serve to slash your street cred. People will know you have no substance behind your "what not."
"What are you doing tonight?"
"I'm gonna meet some people and what not."
by Lil' S September 26, 2007
An amazing and awesome maneuver that defies any kind of reasonable description. Something that somebody does that is just to hard to describe, but it's pretty astonishing.
Contortionists and break-dancers, along with very skilled skateboarders, are adept at performing whatnots.
by Adel7 December 08, 2007
Definition used by a young man Michael. Considered to be slightly retarded.
I done used Modzilla the other day to download DVD Decrypterfy so I could rip DVDs and whatnot
by scrillavilla July 10, 2008

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