An extremely uncool way to say whatever; lack of care; usually linked to nerdy online chatting; used also to mock the dumb online slang and used as a joke
This online talk is real gay but whatevs
by DMoney March 03, 2004
a word used online or in person by the TOTES. RIDIC. people who think that saying it that was is cool, unfortunately it isn't.
also used to make fun of said people
chipman: last monday at friendly's was so whatevs
couch: i know, i wish 'ma boizzzzz' had come

normal person: and then she said WHATEVS.
second normal person: WHO SAYS THAT.....that's totes ridic.
by stepheaner January 01, 2008
A cooler way to say "whatever" which was originated by Rayanna Garcia and definitely not Kevin Baldueza, no matter what he says.
Ray: "Aright whatevs."
Kev: "That's my word! Why are you always copying me!"
Ray: "Dawg, check out urban dictionary. It says it's my word."
by RLG November 07, 2006
a short version of saying whatever. kids in reno say it alot, after hearing some kid from camp say it and john's babysitter say it.
John: what do you want to do tonite?
Spencer: whatevs homie
by jake and kaskie October 08, 2007
A word used by well built verile men who frequently bed 10-13 women each week, compared to those who have come to think "whatevs" is nerdy, due to sheer stupidity, whom resort to homosexuality as they cannot get laid.
Active homosexuals whom regularly accept male sexual organs into their rectum.
by waffle March 02, 2005
What you say when you gave the best effort to resolve the emotional conflict, but didn't because you are stressed or just human.
Daisy: Do you care about my necklace?

Jack: I didn't know you had it.

Daisy: Okay.

Jack: Whatevs.
by Enrique Wilson April 22, 2015
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