A variant of "whatever," a term made popular during the 90's valley girl craze. "Whatev" serves as the same purpose as "whatever", to verbally disregard a rejected statement or action, except the shorter version almost mocks the longer as it is usually associated with bubble-gum yuppies. Generally accompanied with a flopping wrist movement and/or a raised eyebrow.
Snob- So, Tommy just asked me to Prom.
Girl- Wait, really?
Snob- Yeah. Guess you can kiss your perfect date with him good-bye, because he chose me, bitch.
Girl- Ugh. Whatev!
by Lily of the Valley October 12, 2005
A bastardization of whatever used by anyone who can't be bothered to say a full word. Often used by North American females
Person A: Inception was a mediocre movie

Person B: Whatevs
by Donde Estoy Senor March 04, 2012
A shorter version of whatever
Dammit I forgot to make my bed, ah whatev
by DizzyLizzy March 02, 2007
a stupid shortened version of the word 'whatever' used by roberto.
Kim: She is so much fun!
Roberto: ya, whatev
by Random1 July 31, 2006
awesome comeback for logans stupid coments. when feeling annoyed, you say this. another thing to say instead of saying "YOUR FACE"
person 1: EYY yous a bitchhhh!!!
person 2: uggg what ev.
by scenetrend April 22, 2007
the slang for the word whatever used in funny situations
Sophia: "Audrey you peed in my bed!"

Audrey: "whatevs" (just walks away)
by O.M. Golly! February 17, 2010
When something happens and you dont care
Faggott "hey man, the batchlor got married last night"
Coolio "whatevs"
by WhySoSerious777 March 09, 2010

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