the shortened form of the word "whatever" Use it the same way you would use whatever, but this form is cooler and more fun to use. It was made popular by "the end of the world" movie on
person 1: you're really gay
person 2: whatev


person 1: hey wanna hang tonight
person 2: whatev
by gabbi March 24, 2005
take the word whatever, subtract -er and get the cooler, shorter version of the word...whatev
Jake: do you wanna go pimp some fine ass jo jo's?

Ryan: whatev dude
by Ryan January 11, 2005
The proper word for the word Whatever. Used as a short slang of the word whatever. Not to be confused with the improper definition of whateVVVVVVV.
That girl is so whatEv
by vocabularygary February 04, 2010
a short version of the word 'whatever'
"what do you want to eat? popcorn or cotton candy"?
"whatev, doesn't matter"
by lyzzieloo January 02, 2008
originaly used in the 2006 milkyway commercial, a shortned and funny way of saying "whatever."
mother: "you need to study for your test tomorrow!"

son: "whatev...i'll be fine."
by girl7 December 07, 2006
A variant of "whatever," a term made popular during the 90's valley girl craze. "Whatev" serves as the same purpose as "whatever", to verbally disregard a rejected statement or action, except the shorter version almost mocks the longer as it is usually associated with bubble-gum yuppies. Generally accompanied with a flopping wrist movement and/or a raised eyebrow.
Snob- So, Tommy just asked me to Prom.
Girl- Wait, really?
Snob- Yeah. Guess you can kiss your perfect date with him good-bye, because he chose me, bitch.
Girl- Ugh. Whatev!
by Lily of the Valley October 12, 2005
1. Short for whatever.
2. Expression of disgust.
You know what? Whatev. What a douchebag- seer.
by Emily February 27, 2004
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