a short form for the common term whatever.
It is normally used as a come back when you cannot think of a proper response.
Katie: So are you in love with that boy from school?
Haley: what evs.
by Dejhana September 30, 2006
Shortened, yuppie, version of the oh-so-popular, "whatever."

Popular among sorority girls and others of that caliber.
"I'm sorry, but I don't have a condom."
"What ev, just do it."
by Benjamin Bode May 29, 2005
a decker way of saying whatever
usually preceeded by "eh"
I forgot to do my math homework, eh, whatev.
by neva November 26, 2003
Whatever to the power of hundred.

When you don't just want to say whatever, or whateva (cus it's so yo) and say Whatevs.

When you want to say whatever whilst talking down this moronic world.
Jake: Let's all suck up to the boss all week, so we can get that much-needed vacation!
Me: Whatevs! I'll get that vacation anyway
by shesturningblue December 20, 2010
A term that describes the annoyance of one party to another party's incompetent act / word / thought / being / family / dog / saber-tooth tiger. Also suggesting the emotions of "who gives a crap". Also can be used nicely as well!
Party One " Hey im ganna take 5"
Party Two " You guys arent aloud to take 5!"
Party One " Well we are!!!"
Party Two " Whatev's!"
by Santina/Shiela/Rachel April 12, 2008
Use this word when you wish to self-depreciate, brush off an unwanted compliment, or just sound really, really cool.
Chocolate bar Girl: "Why so blue, panda bear?"
Guy: "Whatev."
Both: Hahahahaha
by Slamdarius March 21, 2006
Shorter version of "Whatever"
boy1: so do you care if we stop by her house first?
boy2: whatev
by foxy September 24, 2004

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