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1.when something surprising happens, and u know u cant stop it.

2. or when someone gets all up in ur space and u say "whatcha gonna do"they automadicly step back

3. me and lilys saying that solves everything
1. "yesterday my boyfriend broke up with me"the girl said "well whatcha gonna do" the uncareing boy said

2. "ouch i just stubbed my toe" lily said "watcha gonna do"rachel said "yeah i guess"lily said

3. "yo mama" the small boy screamed. "WAT" the big boy screamed "u talking about ma mama" the big boy towers over the small boy. "yeah whatcha gonna do" the small boy said. then the big boy took a step bakward.

see it solves everything
by erinrox,rayy October 28, 2009
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a phrase uttered by criminals just before they get arrested by a camera crew dressed as policemen
Criminal 1: "shit! the cops are here and they're coming for us!"

Criminal 2: "whatchagonnado? whatchagonnado when they come for you?"
by heythewhat January 28, 2012
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