An abbreviated way to say "what do you".
Whatcha want?
by Dougizzle fo\' Shizzle July 07, 2003
Top Definition
abreviation of "what are you"
whatcha gonna do muthaphukin'
by jair February 21, 2004
Slang term used for "What are you..."
What'cha doing?
by Joe December 31, 2003
Shortened way of saying "what are you upto" or "what are you doing"
Not doing much, Whatcha?
by A soft teddy June 27, 2010
It is word used sometimes by Mexicans.
Whatcha is short for "Watch Out" Or Simply "Look"
Orale Ese, gonna park the rafla over by the garage next to my canton, whatcha.
by MR Chaneke November 27, 2009
aword used by rappers (rap music)means what do you.
song by Da Brat
whatcha u like(what you like)
by awadalla January 08, 2004
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