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This means, "What's going on?" It is shortened to, "What a gwan!"

what a gwan Sean Kingston is going on
Said by Sean Kingston in alot of his songs.
What a gwan!
by OMGgirl;D August 31, 2009

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Of Jamacian-English patois derivation, a contraction of the question 'What's going on?'
'whatagwan star, ya gunna hit up da spot tanite?'
by whiskymack February 21, 2004
what's going on?
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
What's going on
Whatagwan selectah! bup!


Whatagwan guyee at da club tonight!~
by ian daffern March 12, 2003
Whata gwan is a way Jamaicans basically say whats up or whats going on.
Sean Kingston starts off most of his songs by saying Whata gwan.
by mynameisqwertykeyboard December 29, 2011