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mean's how are you doing; what are you about to do; another word for what's up most people use it that live in ATL is a song by trap squad
Aye shawty what's happenin with you? What's happenin tho Hey What's happenin
#what's up #hey #what's good #hi #what yo bout to do
by Kimmiepimpin September 25, 2005
1. A phrase used to inquire how someone is or what someone is doing.
2. A code used to ask a drug dealer if he has and can provide narcotics.
1. Anthony: What's happenin?
Steve: Nuttin chillin.
2. Rob: Hello...
Mark: Ey wassup Rob, what's happenin?
Rob: Nuttin dawg, what you need?
#weed #slang #drugs #pipe #stuff
by Jay-Roll March 29, 2006
Another word for hair under the lower lip not to be confused with a goatee.
What's that he's trying to grow? Oh it's just his what's happenin
#what's happenin #squarehair #hairgrowth #it hair #goatee
by LaSwana November 09, 2007
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