the universal awnser 2 ever question
person1:Hey whts up

works with grls 2

GRl:will u go out with me?


by Like i\\\'ll tell u June 18, 2003
What? Whaddya mean definition? Why should the likes of me ever tell you what what means? Hmph.
What? What example?
by Teena March 25, 2004
ur givin a girl anal or watever its goin real good and shyt... ur like 10 minutes into it or sumthin. Then You Grab a pan and just fuckin kill her dog
"Ye i was givin this girl anal then i just broke out and killed her dog"


I can't find my wallet FATALITY
by Greg Romano November 29, 2004
what is a question
by oliver brady August 21, 2003
If you misunderstood something and would like to hear it again, you say "What?" for a repeat. You can also use this word in phrases like "What the fuck" and "What the fuck sre you doing, bitch!"
"W-hat? the fuck are you doing going through my porn stash"
by Jack Kinne June 26, 2006
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