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What you say when you weren't paying attention to one's mouthful opinions and social activities......or when everyone is looking at you directly.

(Pronunciation: wh-at, not "AHHH!!!")
What? Example?
by Delf June 23, 2003
10 19
The beginning of common jokes
What do you see when the pillsbury doughboy bends over?

by Waat August 18, 2003
17 28
Word that can only be used by Dave Chappelle or Lil Jon, cuz when you wiggers say it, its not funny. Also used in disbelief.
"What?!" "Yeah!" "Okay!!"

Joe: That dude is so hot, I'd like to stick my peashooter in him.
Dan: .....what?
by MexiStyle May 08, 2005
7 19
An overused lyric by a rap artist called Lil John who will say what for no reason when hes not even being talked to.
Your avewrage guy talking to Lil John:

Person: Hey can I have your autograph?
Lil John: WHAT?!?!?!
by HyperActiveToothpick February 28, 2005
2 15
its the best known word in the god awful language of english
what did you say???????
by jermo May 01, 2004
7 20
Used by Brits at the end of a sentence to mean 'right?' or 'don't you agree?'
That Teri Hatcher is a fine looking bird, what?
by Woody Thomas April 09, 2006
5 19
A question mark, "?" (unicode 0x3F).
some nut: "Qrrbrbirlbel!"
you: ???
by Irrelevant August 26, 2005
1 17