Which thing or which particular one of many
What dead thing did you screw this time?
by prede June 25, 2006
stone colds catch phrase that he uses 2 interupt people
stone cold ime gona kill
why dont u just
by sky June 01, 2004
Commonly used on im, wha't means to watch the olympics
Girl: so, have you been wha'ting lately?
Boy: no not lately
Boy: have you bee wha'ting?
Girl: No, I don't really care for the summer olympics
by Kevin and Allie August 10, 2008
A general response to anything stupid, preferably written in lower case and followed by a period

sourced from the infamous "All your base" flash animation.
"Hey everyone I like bananas!"

by popcultureicon March 20, 2005
Which thing or which particular one of many
What animal did you bang this time?
by prede June 25, 2006
Another way of saying, "Hello. I've got nothing to talk about and I need some meltertainment. So what's up? By the way, did you see that psycho bitch on the second floor? Oh, what I would do to her!"
Drew: what?
Matt: Yeah, I know what you mean!
by Jack-O June 06, 2006
What you say when you weren't paying attention to one's mouthful opinions and social activities......or when everyone is looking at you directly.

(Pronunciation: wh-at, not "AHHH!!!")
What? Example?
by Delf June 23, 2003

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