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What you say after quoting a stupid post. Then edit it later on with "oh".
Requires absolutely no punctuation or capitalization. Do neither for effect.
LOL guyz so like this guy was like totaly awsum he wuz so funny adn


EDIT: oh
by Spiffy Hamster December 06, 2004
14 14
A Kansan slang for cocaine. A slight change in phrasing than the term white
This is some high quality what.
by PonchoCowMan April 04, 2011
1 2
a rhetorical power statement
a man kicks you to the ground and says "What!" What do you say? Nothing. You just lay there and take it.
by Lauren Bryn(: March 30, 2009
3 4
Commonly used on im, wha't means to watch the olympics
Girl: so, have you been wha'ting lately?
Boy: no not lately
Boy: have you bee wha'ting?
Girl: No, I don't really care for the summer olympics
by Kevin Griff August 27, 2008
2 3
Now being commonly used in India. Short for- what's the matter ! whats the problem? or any sentence containing 'what' or 'what's'. it saves time and its fun!
No example required... just say what's ??? in a surprised tone...
by Unclechippps May 22, 2009
2 4
a euphamism for marijuana (used in the midwest).
"hey man let's go pick up a bag of what."
by bob9876986859869 May 06, 2008
6 9
stone colds catch phrase that he uses 2 interupt people
stone cold ime gona kill
why dont u just
by sky June 01, 2004
24 27