agree with previous definitions, but should add the origin of this phrase-
the movie "Heathers"
Winona Ryder-"What's your damage?"
by oldschool May 18, 2004
Top Definition
"what is your problem?"

basically the same thing, except replacing problem with damage makes you sound twenty years out of date
Barack: "Senator McCain, what's your damage?"
John: "My damage, Senator is you!"
by PSONBT November 18, 2008
A sarcastic way of asking someone about the mood they're in. Was coined in the 1988 teen drama, Heathers.
From Heathers (1988):

Heather Chandler: What's your damage? Brad says you're being a real *kuse*.
Veronic Sawyer: Heather, I feel really sick, like I'm gonna throw up, so can we please jam now?
by Tommyt August 02, 2005
asking someone who is obviously out of their mind,"what's wrong with you?"
"Why you done gone off and threw that tv off the roof?? Boy, whats yo damage?"
by ShaNizzy April 16, 2004
A question about how mentally cracked a person may be.
"Would you ever fuck a sheep?"- Jay
"What's your damage little boy?"- Brent
by Bryan H K May 05, 2004
A rather nice way of saying "Are you a fucking idiot."
Did you eat a retard sandwhich for breakfast...good golly whats your damage?
by jessica March 30, 2004
Made famous by cult-classic movie 'The Heathers', a black satirical portrayal of an American high school featuring three girls called Heather.
"What's your damage, Heather?"
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