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Whats up wit chu?
Whats really good?
How ya been?
What chu been up to?

Down Souf version of "Whats really good?"
Person 1:Whats poppin nigga?
Person 2:I got busted last night fa weed possetion
Person 3:Dats tough....got ne mor left?
by Asia December 05, 2003
9 5
Or whats poppin. This is a way of asking someone what they are up to or what is going on. The same as whats popple loppin?, whats crackin, whats crackalackin, Whats Hood, whats da deal? or wots gwanin.
What's popping G?

I'm gonna call Titch and see what's popping.
by SouthsideLondona January 14, 2005
36 9
When your trying to see what's good for the day / night.
Yooo, Whats popping my dude?
by buttab September 21, 2006
27 10
another form of saying, "what is going on at the moment?"
say, foo, what's POPPING!?
by Thuggish June 20, 2003
25 8
A greeting used when you begin a conversation with someone and want to see if there's anything new with them.
-What's popping?
-Nothing much, what's popping with you?
-I bought a new car today...

by Paul Clarke February 26, 2007
8 7