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A greeting, synonymous with greetings such as "What's going on?"
Hey man, what's crackin'?
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005
225 61

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hello hey there hi whatadoo what's up? yo
Like saying wasup or whats going on.
What Crackin Brotha?
by IJ15902 August 08, 2004
304 184
it means like whats up or whats good.
what are you doing today
by virgil roberts May 09, 2003
73 44
Crip way of sayin whats up
Yo dawg whats crackin? Did u pop a cap in that blood's ass the other day?
by RyRy February 03, 2004
94 72
Means : 'What's doing'?
'What's going on'?
'What's up'?
"Yo brother, what's crackin'?"
by Diego July 17, 2003
66 44
1. What up? Gang associations. Crip variant. What's poppin is the Blood counterpart.

Losing gang associations, appropriated into standard vocab from media exposure.
2. sarcastic way to say what up to a crackhead or other drug addict
1.a Big Homey: What's crackin, Cuz?

.b white kid: (seeing partner) Yo, what's crackin?
2. "Hey Tyone, whats crackin? It's still 187 on a MF Rock.
by Ernie188 September 26, 2009
30 19
Crip Gang Members to Say Whats up
Tim Whats Crackin Cuzz
Wiz Im Gucci Cuz
by Tiaraaamilez96@aol.com April 13, 2011
22 22