1. A query as to one's preference, specifically in regards to consummable goods
2. a query as to one's preference in alcoholic beverage or drugs
3. a question of one's preference in women
1. Alfred: What's your poison?
Rudyard: Give me a slice of pepperoni, beyotch!

2. Alfred: What's your poison?
Rudyard: Give me some mother fuckin' crack!

3. Alfred: What's your posion?
Rudyard: I likes me the big-titty bitches yo!
Alfred: Word!
by puma_blues March 29, 2004
Top Definition
What do you want to drink.
Bartender asks a patron, "What's your Poison?"
by DD March 29, 2004
What are you drinking? Usually in terms of alcohol
"Whats ya poison?"
"Tequila slammer"
by xx-rach-xx March 28, 2004
usually said by sleazy guys in bars as a way of asking to buy you a drink
"hey...What's Your Poison"
"baileys now feck off"
by Beaky February 29, 2004
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