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What's the deal? Wuzzup? What it is? What it will be? What's gonon?, What's REALLY gonon? Wuzapnin? What's this all about? What's the time? What's next? Who's next?
But with a little flair. Can be:

1) a little more intimidating, as in toying with someone. (Tell me the truth.) Or,

2) just trying to sound cool (sometimes sounds FOOL or like a prick).
1) DX: "So tell me Regina. You sez you at home all night; but, my boyz seen you riding the Avenues in a black Beamah! Now ... WHAT'S THE DEALIO?!"

2) COOLIO FOOLIO: "WHAT'S THE DEALIO, Emilio? Sound like a shoddy old audio. Maybe we oughta BURY yo' stereo!"
by Chengo Bolemongo October 05, 2006